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Unic UK have been installing gas and electrical boilers throughout the London region for more than 10 years. We have an emergency boiler installation service and capable of installing a new boiler within 24 hours . Please call us to find out more.
We offer a highly_ professional boiler installation service in Greater London with a team of experienced Gas safe ( CORGI) and NICEIC electrical engineers. We are registered with Vaillant boilers to give up to 7 year manufacture warranties while our Workmanship carries a full 12_ month guarantee.

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“The installation of a new boiler was carried out with professionalism. The work was completed and the area was kept in a clean and tidy state. I found Nish from UniC uk to be thoughtful and trustworthy. I will most certainly use his service when needed in the future.”

Mrs Al-Taha, Kingsbury London NW9

“Few Years ago I had a Vaillant Combi boiler fitted by Unic UK. I was very pleased with the work and I got them to do some electrical rewiring. The work was very good & I would highly recommend them”

Ann Kennefick – Hillfield Avenue, The Hyde, London NW9

“Nish and his college arrived on time, explained exactly what they were going to do. When they had finished and checked that everything was working, they cleaned up. I found them polite, courteous and efficient and would highly recommend them.”

Mr & Mrs C.Ross Cricklewood London NW2


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red tick System flushed and cleaned prior to installation of new boiler .
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red tick One year guarantee on all work plus up to 7 years guarantee on boiler.
red tick Individual design service to meet your requirements
red tick One contact to deal with your installation from start to finish
red tick Protective covering on carpets and work area.
red tick Cover all boroughs in and around London:

Why Boiler replacement needed?

Over time, boilers can wear and become more and more unreliable, with the cost of repairs and breakdowns placing a heavy strain on the pocket of their owner. Most of the time it’s a distress buy, when the boiler is broken and repair is not economically justifiable.

Once a boiler becomes not only inefficient and unreliable, but also potentially risky, it is highly recommended to get the boiler replaced. If maintained properly and serviced regularly, modern boilers are known to be more efficient, controllable, comfortable and safer than the older models. Almost all the new boilers take air for its combustion from outside the house, unlike older boilers which needed adequate room ventilation to  get air to burn gas. These ventilation can create cold draughts coming in.

Some older boilers can  become even more dangerous over time. Due to poor maintenance, the ventilations can get blocked then as a result  inadequate oxygen for the boiler can cause carbon monoxide poisoning of its user.This dangerous situation can be a combination of dirt and soot accumulation blocking the airways of the heat exchanger/flue and insufficient ventilation so that burner  is not receiving enough fresh air.

Also the boiler will eventually fatigue and the performance  of its original  components such as  gas valve, burner, fan,  combustion seals, flue,  heat exchanger, temperature sensors, and circulator pump will deteriorate due to the thermal, electrical and mechanical stresses.  Scale and sludge build up due to poor maintenance  is another major cause of boiler breakdown. All these issues may lead to a great  discomfort to the owner with an unreliable hot water and central heating supply and  big gas bills due to boiler low_efficiency. Some of the other signs indicating boiler end_ of_ life can be  boiler overheating and discharging, boiler noise, intermittent or nuisance failure of the gas boiler, water leaks from boiler seals – water leaks from pipes and components, or dangerous  level of carbon monoxide  emission.

Many people choose a boiler replacement due to one of the above reasons. However a new boiler can be considered for environmental reasons. Modern central heating boilers are known to be much more energy efficient with efficiency ratings over 90% in comparison to 50% in some older boilers, offering a payback in just a few years as well as be kinder to the environment. This means that the cost of the new boiler can be recovered from savings on gas consumption plus the savings on not having to pay for  breakdowns over a period of few years.