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Blocked plate Heat exchanger

Boiler service:

Noisy Boiler?  Need a boiler service?

Annual boiler service to keep your boiler warranty?

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We assume if we service your boiler, you will choose us to be your regular service engineer for years to come. This is because you’ll see how thoroughly we carry out boiler service. Unlike some of the other engineers who just put the gas analyser and get the combustion ratio and skimp on the job, we will spend ample time to check everything to make sure it is working satisfactorily.  If there is something wrong and more work need to be done to make it safe, we will quote you for doing this.  Many of our customers have become disenchanted  with their previous service engineers not carrying out their boiler maintenance properly and now hire Unic UK to do their annual boiler servicing. 

We offer a highly_ professional boiler service throughout London with a team of experienced Gas safe Engineers (Previously known as CORGI). We service all the gas and electric boiler makes and models including Vaillant ,Worcester Bosch , Main, Ariston, , Baxi, Biasi, Chaffoteaux, Dimplex, Ferroli, Glow warm, Glad Hill, Heatline, Ideal, Keston, Pottorton, Ravenheat, Saunier dual, Sime, Vissmann, Vokera, Mega Floor, Heater Sadia and all UK products.

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Customer Feedback:-

“Excellent work and service – Would highly recommend to anyone – Am glad that I finally have a company that I can trust to deal with any Boiler / Gas issues that may happen.”

Ashes at Wembley – HA0
Review of UniCUK at : Potterton Promax boiler service

“Nish was very effective with the service of our Main Combi boiler. Initially visited for a service and identified the problem with the fan. Very efficient, Professional and reasonable in pricing. Highly recommended.””

Dimitri Zografakis ( Leinster Square, London W2 )

“Many thanks for getting our boiler looked at and fixed in such short period of time! “

Dan Hulsmann Kingsbury – NW9


Why thousands of Londoners have already hired UniC UK?

red tick To have our engineers available without having to wait for too long
red tick Never shoddy service – Only thorough boiler service
red tick Extremely competitively priced red tick Quality never compromised
red tick Gas Safe Register and NICEIC registered. red tick Service & repair all gas & electric boilers
red tick Truly local, extremely trustworthy red tick regular trusted engineer to call upon
red tick Proven record of satisfied customers. red tick Cover all boroughs in and around London
red tick Work to be carried out neatly and quickly to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum
red tick Proven assurance that customers can rely on their installer to return should any problems arise.

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Why hire UniC UK boiler service specialist ?

Boiler service is no ordinary plumber’s work, hence our experienced gas engineers are well trained to service all makes and models of boilers. This is a result of applying electrical, gas and plumbing knowledge , combined with boiler manufacture’s service instructions and hands_on product training. We have come across many home owners who got into distress first because their boiler was not working properly then, since their plumber start replacing various boiler parts without proper fault finding while the costs are mounting up !

During our boiler service , we follow manufacture’s instructions to carry out various annual checks needed. We will also use our expertee knowledge and common sense to find out any signs of issue with the boiler which can cause danger or distress. Finally our service engineer will do a combustion flue analysis to confirm the boiler is working properly. The products of combustion will be analyzed to see that the carbon monoxide ratio is within the well within safety level that prescribed by the manufacture. If we diagnose a problem, our gas engineer will isolate it and do extensive testing before replacing any parts. We have helped distress customers with our specialist boiler fault diagnostic service for many years. We have not only successfully completed thousands of such repairs but also have kept the service costs and disruption to a minimum.

Why do you need to get your boiler serviced?

To make sure that your home is a safe place to live – boilers which are not maintained property can produce lethal levels of carbon monoxide.

To find out if there are any other  potential dangers which could cause death or injury in the near future

Preventative maintenance –  To detect any early signs that the boiler could fail due to overheating, fatigue of the components or scaling, enabling you to prevent early failure and prolong boiler life.

The warranty issued with your boiler is generally conditional upon an  annual service being carried out by a Gas Safe Engineer. If you want to keep your warranty, which with some manufacturers runs for more than seven years, you must have your boiler serviced to keep the warranty valid.

Example of a typical condensing boiler service :-

After an initial checks to make sure the boiler, flue and the flue terminal are located and installed properly the engineer will do a short series of tests to ensure it is lighting correctly.

Next he will isolate the electrics and remove the cover and do a visual inspection of the electrical components and pipework, checking for faulty connections or weeping joints.

Then the condensate trap is removed and any debris collected washed out. This gives a good indication of the cleanliness of the heat exchanger inside the boiler. If the condensate trap is clogged up and full of dirt, a complete overhaul service of the heat exchanger is recommended. If the heat exchanger or it’s water has become brown or orange colour, this may be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger draining system water. It may be due to lack of inhibitor or sludge in the system which caused the fault. If it is not too late, maybe a power flushing of the heating system and installing  a magnetic or non_magnetic  filter system could protect your expensive boiler.

If needed a careful check of the heat exchanger is the next process as this is one of the more vulnerable components especially on modern boilers. Checking the burner and the burner seals are essential to make sure that the products of combustion is dispersed safely via the flue without leaking. It is common that the old fatigue seals are damaged due to dismantling,  so these must be replaced with new. This is normally the stage at which minor faults will be detected and dealt with before they develop into something more serious and expensive.

Next the engineer will check the inlet gas pressure and burner pressure to ensure that it is at the correct level to facilitate the safe operation of the boiler. (If the burner pressure is too low this may be because the gas valve settings are out of calibration   or faulty –  the gas pipework is undersize or maybe the gas meter regulator mul_ functioning.)

Gas rate of the boiler is also checked at this stage. ( this is to make sure the boiler gas consumption is that prescribed by the manufacture)

The final check of the inspection is one of the most important. After the appliance has been burning gas at maximum rate for a ample period, the service engineer will do an exhaust flue gas analysis which will indicate whether or not the boiler is operating properly. Same test may have to be repeated while the boiler is running at minimum demand.

It  If the readings are unsatisfactory, a full overhaul service is compulsory. With some boilers  the gas valve can be adjusted to correct combustion ratio. Now it is the time to recheck the combustion to be prescribed by the manufacture.   (If the combustion is still unsatisfactory and the co/co2 reading is between 0.004 and 0.008  the boiler is classified as “at risk” if the reading is above 0.008  boiler is classified “immediately dangerous”.)

On completion of all checks and repairs ( if needed), the engineer will replace the boiler cover and fill in a safety sheet checklist as a record of what he has done or record it on the service benchmark logbook for you to keep. 🙂