When it comes to makeover of homes, the first thing that comes to our mind is the expenditure. Makeover may cost a bit but we can provide you a good deal. Everyone likes to have their houses renovated but at a reasonable rate and we can provide that. If you are thinking about renovating your house contact us for a good refurbishment in Hendon. We can help you in the makeover of your house with a good deal.

A normal renovation can cost up to £170,000 for 1,205sq ft flat valued at £1.2 million. It may take weeks to complete the renovation because almost everything must be changed including electrics, flooring, plumbing etc.

Roughly we will calculate how much a renovation will cost for a two bedroom flat in London. It can be easily calculated when you measure in terms of square feet.  For instance if there is 112 square meters, it will cost more or less £1,100 per square meter. In addition to that refurbishment also includes decoration, joinery, rewiring etc. Renovating a decent bathroom will cost up to £13,000. Each room varies in their costs. For a new plumbing system it may cost up to £15,000. We do Refurbishment in Hendon and we may charge approximately £15,000 for installing a completely new heating system. Excluding the main costs there are also other costs for the extra add-ons like wardrobes and decorations. That may roughly come up to £10,000.

               Who to call for the makeover of homes?

You can call a professional to handle the job. When you leave it in the hands of a professional your work will be done perfect. The results will also be as you expected. A trained professional will understand your needs and plan the project according to your budget. The work they do will also be perfect and also cost effective.

So if you want to buy a house and do a makeover, wait for the best flat even if it is in a bad condition and renovate it. We can make your house look amazing as you wish. For information on refurbishment in Hendon contact us now.