Light switches can be faulty sometimes and cause inconvenience. Faulty switches can also be unsafe. Hopefully this article will help you overcome that problem. Anyone can replace a faulty light switch but if you’re not sure or confident in what you do, please give us a call and we can help. We provide a good service in London and surrounding areas.  Before starting, there are some parts you might need :

  • A replacement outlet which will have the amperage capability as before is needed.
  • A cover for the replacement switch is needed if the removed switch is cracked or dirty.
  • Proper wire connectors should be used.
  • An electrician’s tape is needed.

There are certain precautions one has to take before doing any electrical work:

  • First, see whether the main power is switched off
  • Next check whether the circuit is dead with the tester.
  • Then be careful while opening multi-way switches.

Step to replace a faulty light switch:

Step 1: Circuit breaker must be switched off

The very first thing you have to do is to see whether the main fuse is removed so that there is no circuit passing. Usually in flats and old houses, there may be quite a few fuse boxes. It is mostly situated in the basement, garage or stairway. These boxes will be attached to walls and will be covered by a door. The fuse will be behind these doors and can be unscrewed by turning it anti clockwise. Since the circuit breaker is common for all modern ones turning it off will not be a problem.

Step 2:  The switch cover should be removed

Soon after the circuit is cut off don’t forget to remove the plate which covers the switch. The plate will be usually held by two screws. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that if the plate is covered by wallpaper or paint you have to carefully scratch out everything before removing. Then cover the switch with a slightly larger plate. (electrician in hendon, hendon electricians, electrician in london )

Step 3: Remove the older switch and connect the new one

There are two wires, one is the incoming and the outgoing supply wire. One wire will be connected to the junction box and other is for grounding. In order to remove the faulty switch, loosen up the screws to remove the two wires from the terminal. After the wire is removed, now connect the new switch to the wire by tightening the screw. You have to tighten the screws by turning it in the clockwise direction.

Step 4: Switch on the main power

After the whole process is over in replacing the light switch, replace the outlet plate and the main power can be switched on but must be carefully handled.

It is always good to approach an electrician before taking any risk. You can always rely on us for help. We provide competent electricians in Hendon who can repair you’re defective switch. Feel free to call us for any electrical problems.