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Power flushing:

Boiler make noise? Radiators feel half cold? Sludge and muck build in Heating system? Call us now to get it powerflushed in London!

POWER FLUSHING – this process cleans out the muck and sludge build up in your heating system. Is your boiler noisy and cranky? Are your radiators slow to warm up or only partially heat up? These could be signs of sludge and muck build up and could lead to your boiler breaking down. We are equipped to deal with any power flushing issues concerning your central heating system quickly efficiently and in a professional manner.

Unic UK heating engineers are fully qualified and experienced Heating service with over 10 years experience in the power flushing . We are available every day of the week except Sunday and can powerflush all kind of systems including open vented, pressurised systems and combination boilers and any number of radiators as quickly as possible.

We use latest technologies to perform power flushing efficiently and thoroughly. It is a fact that successful powerflushing is derived from moving water as fast as possible through a heating system to mobilise and transport the debris to a point where it can be forcibly discharged.

Thats why we use Kamco Clearflow CF90 Quantum powerflush pump which can deliver 150l/min flow. The all important flow rate is achieved without increasing maximum pressure beyond 1.8 bar, to ensure that no damage will be done to a heating system. The flow rate is more than double that of most power flushing pumps on the market, enabling it to remove more debris from a system and in less time.

Looking for a Power flushing Specialist All London in and around M25?

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