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Renewable Energy

Many of our customers are looking towards converting their traditional gas or electric heating and hot water provision to a more sustainable, greener energy source. We strongly believe that you should have the best choice of renewable energy options made available to you and so are delighted to introduce our renewable energy systems:- solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and air source heat pumps.

Why Call Unic UK?

The technology is improving and changing, so more renewable systems are available to supply heat and power to domestic heating and electrical systems. There are numerous manufactures of such systems claiming that their product is the best!  As an installer of these systems, we will not only help you to select the right product, but also assist you to benefit from it, for a long time, by preventative maintenance.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal is the most commonly installed form of solar energy currently in use today. Solar water heating can typically provide almost all hot water requirements during the summer months and about 50% year round.
There are three main components for domestic hot water systems: Solar panels, a heat transfer system, and a hot water cylinder. The solar panels, or collectors, are usually fitted to the roof and collect heat from the sun’s radiation. This heat is used to raise the temperature of the household water and is delivered by the heat transfer system which takes the heated water to the hot water cylinder for storage until use.

Benefits of Solar Systems

Installing solar water heating offers substantial cost savings to our customers. A typical solar hot water system has a working life in excess of 20 years and is free from future price increases in oil, gas and electricity. In addition, Government grants are available to encourage householders to convert to greener energy sources and this applies to solar heating installations. As an added benefit, we are able to advise you on how to sell any additional electrical energy produced by the solar PV systems, back to the grid! Contact us now to learn more.

The installation of solar panels and a solar heating system qualifies for a substantial reduction on VAT. Only 5% VAT is now payable for new installations