Usually radiators and the whole central heating system rust internally over time which produces black iron oxide “sludge”. This sludge moves around all pipes, valves and boilers and blocks the flow. This problem can be resolved by power flushing your central heating system.

How is power flushing done?

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Normally the power flushing equipment is set up outside the building which is then connected to the central heating system which cleans all the radiators without having to remove them. A powerflush cleaner is added to the water which is used to clean and remove the rust in the radiators and pipes. The heating is turned on and the radiators are checked for any cold spots and these are power flushed again until the rust within is loosened and removed. The sludge is extracted and collected at our magnet filter.

We would flush all radiators and pipe until they are clean and will then issue a powerflush certificate.

Benefits of doing a power flush:

1. Warmer home
2. Increased efficiency
3. Improved hot water
4. Reduce in fuel bills

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