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General plumbing:

General Plumbing Problem? Need a plumber in London?

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Faulty pipe work can lead to water damage both in your home and, in some circumstances, your neighbour’s. Many people living in flats or apartments have been adversely affected by incorrectly plumbed pipes, radiators, boilers, hot water cylinders , water tanks,  dishwashers and washing machines situated on the flats above. The leaks generated by poor plumbing can lead to insurance claims, pushing up annual premiums as well as creating bad-will between neighbours.

Plumbing can also deteriorate over time which affects the efficiency of your system. Lime scale and oxidation can cause pipes to fur up, reducing flow and increasing the risk of leaks. Inefficient plumbing can increase energy and water bills. Your Unic UK plumber and plumbing services can advise on the best course of action to reduce the risk of problems in the future. Or for any emergency plumbing  service, call our emergency plumber.

We offer a highly professional service in London with a team of experienced general and emergency plumbers. We guarantee to solve everything from a plumbing related problem to the design and installation  of new bathrooms or kitchens.

Plumbing Rates Mon – Fri ( 7am – 6pm ) Mon-Fri(6pm-7am) Saturday ( 7am – 1pm )
       as per hour £80 £120

One hour minimum charge to book then in 15 minute units. Some work can be carried out on Estimate/Fixed Price. See PRICE GUIDE.

Customer Feedback:-

“On every occasion Unic UK engineer has visited our home to work we have found him to be honest and hard working. We have had various work done from leaking pipes and light fittings to more complex work such as boiler repairs and electrical wiring for building control approval.
In all cases work has been completed promptly and to a high standard and with little disruption to the rest of the home. We have never had any problems with the work that has been carried out and would highly recommend your services to our friends and family.”

– Mrs Nasreen Raza , Mayfields Wembley HA9

Plumbing issues we have resolved :-

  • No hot water, No Heating
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Scaling of the appliances & pipe work
  • Hot water cylinder not big enough
  • Broken mixer shower / electric shower
  • Hot water too hot or too cold
  • Mains stop cock does not close
  • Long waiting time to receive hot water
  • Water leaks
  • High gas & water bills
  • Dripping taps
  • Poor cold water pressure
  • No cold water
  • blocked sinks & toilets
  • Gas fire not working
  • Shower goes hot and cold
  • Broken ball valves
  • Risk of Scalding by hot water– especially children & elderly.
  • Need to change the cold water lead pipe to bigger plastic pipe.
  • Heating working in summer when the hot water is on.
  • Need new appliance to be connected – washing machine, dish washer
  • Need a new gas appliance – install gas cooker, gas fire, gas hob, water heater
  • Requirement for New and extended Hot water systems and appliances
  • Future uncertainty of depending on fossil fuels such as gas, oil & mains electric supply to heat water.
  • Underfloor Heating new installations. Installation of shower pumps and mecarators
  • Service gas fire, gas water heaters and cookers.
  • Installation of water softeners and drinking water filters.